As a woman, I would send my daughter to Lowell for there; they have the opportunities to help with the family’s prosperities.  This also means one less to take care of and feed, so it is very beneficial for us. Lowell gives her a chance to experiences the world and the new working force, I never got to experiences. Here she can learn to dependent on herself and gain a voice. Not only that but “in the mill we see displays of the wonderful power of the mind. Who can closely examine all the movements of the complicated, curious machinery, and not be led to the reflection that the mind is boundless.” A working woman is a statement on its own; she will be ready to face all the hardship that’s lays before her after working in the mill. I also feel much safer know that there is an older woman overseeing what my daughter is doing, it brings peace to my heart. For here, she will evolve into a strong woman.

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Federalist & Antifederalist

Recently breaking free from Britain’s government, I personally would side with the Antifederalist. We broke away from Britain due to the fact that they had such a strong central government, why would we have the same government ourselves. We need to make a new kind of government, something called a republic; where we have people representing us as voters as a state. That’s why we need a bicameral branch! Each state in America has their own influences on the country, so we can’t limit state power like what the Federalist want – “the loyalty of most Americans was to their states, not the new nation.” AND as an American, I personally think the Bill of Right will help everyone in America not just the Antifederalist; we need to keep the rights of our countrymen’s’ liberties. In all, I would side with Patrick Henry’s side because the Federalist’s constitution is too similar to Britain’s, and we have learned that that government structure didn’t work out for us before, why would it now.

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Thomas Paine’s Common Sense & The Price of Patriotism Jonathan Sewall and John Adams

I personally would support the Patriots because I truly believe that all men are equal and that we have finally have seen the light; we as colonies have been blinded sighted by the ruling of the king. We are so deprived of our rights and they treat us as a second rate citizens. We have been tax an enormous amount and bullied by the troops send oversea. The British’s government is structured for a monarchy and it doesn’t work in the colonies because the power shift is too strong on one end, such as the white males owning lands (that population is much stronger in America; which disrupts the power balance) The Britain’s only think of themselves and their wellbeing so “Even if Britain was the “mother country” of America, that made her actions all the more horrendous, for no mother would harm her children so brutally.” I fully support this revolution. 

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Revolt on Virginia Frontier: Nathaniel Bacon and William Berkeley

“In an atmosphere of growing fear and frustration,” I personally would whole heartily support the uprising, because the Virginia’s Government didn’t seem to out in the effort to stop these barbarians from attack us. The frontier had their hands tied, because they couldn’t attack back, in order to protect the trade relationship between the two. But if they didn’t protect themselves they would let themselves “exposed to ‘the merciless power of a most bloody and barbarous enemy.'” Being left to be killed off one by one is what the Virginia’s Government is doing to all the settlers, for no one is there to protect them from the Indians; it’s as if they don’t care about settlers compared to their plantation and riches. It is truly frustrating to watch your own crops and people slowly getting destroyed and not be able to fight back; especially when the Governor, William Berkeley, treated the colonies poorly. At this rate the colonies has nothing to lose, because they would rather fight back then sit there and die.

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The Cross and the Sword in Spain’s New World: Bartolome de Las Casas and Hernan Cortes

In the 16th century the conquistador such as Hernan Cortes and the Dominican priest Bartolome de Las Casas had a great influence on the Native Americans. Both had a very different outlook on the Native Indians and how they should be treated. Not to longer after Las Casas become a priest, there was an increasing trouble with the treatment of the Indians. So he then “proceeded to make it his life’s work to defend the Indians and challenges the Spaniards’ treatment of them.” He had spent years traveling around the New World and witnessed the slaughter of hundreds of Indians, “he finally concluded that everything done to the people of the West Indies was “unjust and tyrannical”.” He believed that Indians were smart  and “their way of life poorly fitted them for servitude. Slavery did not “civilize” the Indians; it killed them.”

Heran Cortes had a different view on the Natives. On the way to Tenochtitlan, Cortes had witnessed many temple where sacrifices were made, and because of this “they were all still barbarians” thought his eyes. When arriving to Tenochtitlan he found magnificent builds and an enormous amount of gold and silver, but even so to him, they were inferior to the old civilized world. Due to this mindset, his actions were predetermined, for not too after his arrival to the city, thousands of people died. After the success of the war, he continued his reign of power and under this control thousand continued to die.

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